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20.04.2017:  CS- Sri B D Mishra, CP- Sri S C Pradhan & ex CS- Sri R K Panda of AIBSNLEA Odisha Circle and Sri S K Jena, Advisor-East of AIBSNLEA - CHQ call on the CMD BSNL Sri Anupam Srivastava at Hotel Mayfair Puri on 19.04.2017 in a cordial atmosphere and discussed on several issues including grant of majority status to AIBSNLEA in Odisha Circle,declaration of soft tenures of Odisha as hard tenures etc. and submitted a memorandum. CGM Odisha Circle & PGM TD BN were also present during the discussion. CMD heard all the issues and assured to look into the matters.

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16.12.2016:   The Circle Office bearers & Office bearers of BBSR & adjoining SSAs was held today in the IQ of DSB, BBSR regarding non-extension of Majority status to AIBSNLEA in Odisha circle where AIBSNLEA has secured majority votes. The CS & CP appreciated the involvement & hard works of all comrades in the MV. The CS emphasized that management precluded us to taste the fruits of our hard labour by not granting us majority association, for which a legal battle may be explored. So he elicited the opinions from all comrades as to whether we will accept the result as it is or to go to court of law. Finally it was decided to form a committee under the chairmanship of our veteran comrade Sri R.K. Sahu, AGM(Ext) to take advice from legal luminaries on this regard and to submit report within a week time. The other members are Sri SK Jena, Sri NP Das, Sri TK Gadabada. All are requested to tender their views to the committee and to supply any relevant documents which will help fighting our cause.

16.12.2016:   United Forum of Executives Association Comprising AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA & AITEEA serves upon Notice to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL for organizational actions against the delay in settlement of Burning HR issues and non-extension of Majority status to AIBSNLEA in the circles & SSAs where AIBSNLEA has secured majority votes. So friends, get prepared for the agitational program with full vigour & vitality.

15.12.2016:    On the call of Unions and Associations of BSNL, One day strike against formation of a Subsidiary Tower Company demanding the government to drop the proposal to form a Subsidiary Tower Company of BSNL was held today with the participation of all comrades. It was 100% success in Bhubaneswar and other SSAs.

14.12.2016:    United forum of Unions & Associations of BSNL of Odisha Circle met in the committee room of BSNL Bhawan at about 3.30pm today to decide the strategy for tomorrow's  one day strike against formation of a Subsidiary Tower Company demanding the government to drop the proposal. Sri SK Jena & Sri NP Das attended the meeting from our side. It was decided to ensure 100% strike by canvassing all stake holders of BSNL.

10.12.2016: The result of first ever election for deciding majority Association of Executives of BSNL was declared yesterday. Congratulations to all comrades who voted us to no. 1 in Odisha Circle. However, we became no.2 in all India basis with a thin margin but by securing more than 35% of votes which is required for majority association. GS is taking up the issue with the management. The voting %ge in Odisha is 96.09% which is 5th highest after Kerala,TN, HP & AP. Congrats to all office bearers and  comrades for showing their interest in the leadership of AIBSNLEA.

07.12.2016: The first ever election for deciding majority Association of Executives of BSNL was held today in a peaceful manner throughout the country. The polling rate is very satisfactory in all SSAs of Odisha which shows the committments of our valued members in the MV process. The joint team of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA Odisha Circle ensured voting of our members without any hurdle. The efforts of Sri R K Sahu, Sri Bhaskar Singh, Sri SC Pradhan, Sri BD Mishra, Sri SK Jena, Sri Subash Samal, Sri LN Swain from our side are really commendable.

30.11.2016: In the 4th phase of election campaign, the joint team of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA comprising of CS,CP, DS & DP-BBSR & Advisor(E), AIBSNLEA and CS, CP & Jt Secy(East) of AIGETOA of Odisha Circle visited Cuttack SSA ( admn building,Telephone Bhawan, CTO comp, SSP comp) and canvassed all executives from desk to desk. The response was outstanding. We highlighted our achievements and appealed everybody to vote for AIBSNLEA to guarantee our good future.

30.11.2016: CS met CGM and handed over a letter to enroll all newly recruited provisional JAOs of Odisha Circle for the1st Majority Verification of Executives' Association. CGM informed that the process has been started  and instruction has already been issued to all SSAs.

28.11.2016: A Joint Election Campaign meeting of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA of Odisha Circle was held on 27.11.2016 at RTTC Seminar Hall Bhubaneswar in a grand manner. A large number of Executives from across Odisha attended the meeting and got motivated to vote AIBSNLEA to power i.e. 1st Majority Executives' Association.    

     The meeting was addressed by Shri Prahlad Rai GS, AIBSNLEA; Shri Ravishil Verma, GS, AIGETOA; Shri Prasun Mukherjee OS East , AIBSNLEA, Sri Ashok Acharya, Joint Secretary (East), AIGETOA, Sri S.K.Jena, Advisor, CHQ AIBSNLEA, Sri Deepak Sahu AGS (East) , AIGETOA, Sri Benudhar Mishra, Cicle Secretary, AIBSNLEA Odisha, Sri Pradip Mohanty, Circle President, AIGETOA and Sri Dhiren Kumar Parida, Circle Secretary, AIGETOA-Odisha.

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26.11.2016: Freinds, book your ticket and start your journey for tomorrow's mega meeting wherein the Sri Prahlad Rai, GS and Sri Prasun Mukherjee, OS(E) of AIBSNLEA and Sri Rabishil Verma GS, AIGETOA  will address the special general body meeting for the forthcoming executives' majority verification. The meeting will start at 10.00hrs at RTTC Seminar hall. All arrangements have been made for fooding, accomodation, transportation etc. So join with us in large numbers.

25.11.2016: On the call given by the united forum of BSNL Unions & Associations consisting of AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA, SNEA, BSNLEU,FNTO, NFTE etc.  against formation of a Subsidiary Tower Company, the Odisha Circle organised a day long Dharana. The demand was for the government to drop the proposal to form a Subsidiary Tower Company. Further it is decided to conduct the following agitation program in case govt. did not fulfill our demand.

1. Strike on 15.12.2016.

<<<Click here for the Notice>>>

25.11.2016: In the 3rd phase of election campaign, the joint team of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA comprising of CS, DP-BBSR & Advisor(E), AIBSNLEA and CS of AIGETOA of Odisha Circle addressed the special general body meeting at Baripada & Balasore on 24th Nov and highlighted our achievements and appealed everybody to vote for AIBSNLEA. The attendance was very encouraging and strengthens our conviction to become no.1 in the forthcoming MV on 7th Dec.

20.11.2016: In the last leg of 2nd phase election campaign meetings, the joint team of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA of Odisha Circle addressed the special general body meeting at Balangir on 19th Nov and highlighted our achievements and appealed everybody to vote for AIBSNLEA.

19.11.2016: AIBSNLEA's consistent efforts yielded result in getting released order regarding follow up action w.r.t. result of LICE for promotion to the grade of JAO under 40% Quota - <<<Click here for the order>>>> 

Immediately circle office bearers along with the Advisor(East), CHQ met the concerned officers of circle office and got released necessary posting orders. All the request transfer cases will be taken up with the management shortly.

19.11.2016: The joint team of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA of Odisha Circle comprising CS & CP of both the association and DP  of AIBSNLEA BBSR SSA continued their 2nd phase of election campaign at Koraput on 18th Nov and highlighted our achievements in a special general body meeting held for the forthcoming executives' election.

18.11.2016: Ahead of the General Secretaries: Sri Prahlad Rai & Sri Rabishil Verma's visit to Odisha, the joint team of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA of Odisha Circle comprising CS & CP of both the association and DP  of AIBSNLEA BBSR SSA toured to Berhampur on 17th Nov and attended a special general body meeting for the forthcoming executives' election.

11.11.2016: CS on behalf of Odisha circle attended the marriage ceremony of the son of our beloved GS at Jaipur(Raj). Odisha Circle extends its best wishes.

11.11.2016: In the 2nd phase of election campaign meeting, Berhampur, Koraput, Bhawanipatna & Balangir SSAs will be covered. The joint team of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA of Odisha Circle will tour to BF on 16th Nov, to KPT on 17th Nov, BPT on 18th Nov and finally to Balangir on 19th Nov. All the concerned DS/DP & office bearers are requested to organise the meeting in a befitting manner to showcase our achievements & vision.

10.11.2016: Circle Secy com. B.D. Mishra attended the CHQ Office bearers & CS Meet at Jaipur (Raj) today and raised many issues pertaining to our circle. He expressed his concern for not considering some of the transfer cancellation issues including of Sri C. Pujari, SDE(E). GS assured to take care of the issue.

08.11.2016: A preparatory meeting for GSs' visit to Odisha was conducted by both AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA today at 5.45pm and various committees are formed as below:

  1. Reception & Transport Committee:

                       i) Sri R.K. Panda, DGM(City), BBSR

                       ii) Sri R.K. Sahu, AGM(Ext), BBSR

                       iii) Sri R.C. Khandai, AGM(CMTS), BBSR

                       iv) Sri A.K. Acharya SDE(CMTS), BBSR

2. Meeting Committee:

                       i) Sri K.C. Jena, PA, BBSR

                       ii) Sri A.K. Khillar, PA, BBSR

                       iii) Sri A.K. Mallick, SDE(CMTS), BBSR

                       iv) Sri Siba Rout, SDE, BBSR

                        v) SRi Ranjan Nayak SDE, BBSR

3. Food Committee:

                       i) Sri Bhaskar Singh, CAO, BBSR

                       ii) Sri Rajesh K. Pallai, SDE, BBSR

4. Press & Media Committee:

                       i) Sri P.K.Roy, SDE(EB), BBSR

                       ii) Sri N. Muduli, AD(OL), BBSR

   Sri R, K, Sahu, AGM(Ext) is also entrusted to keep coordination between all committees for smooth conduct of the CEC and GSs visit.                  


06.11.2016: The third joint meeting of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA  took place today at about 11.00am in the conference hall of GMTD office, Rourkela to garner more votes in favour of AIBSNLEA. A large number  of executives assembled and actively took part in the meeting. CS, CP of both the associations highlighted our achievements and the vision of ours leaders in shaping  BSNL and its executives' future for which AIBSNLEA should be voted to power.

 05.11.2016: AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA joint election campaign meeting took place today at about 3.00pm in the conference hall of GMTD office, Sambalpur. A large number  of executives assembled in the DTO building and after taking lunch the meeting started with much cheer. CS, CP of both the associations spoke at length and interacted with the comrades and appealed to garner more & more support for AIBSNLEA in the coming election.

          New district body is also  formed wherein Sri S.C. Moharana, DGM(T), Sri Sitaram Sahu, SDE(Plg) are elected as DP & DS respectively of SBP SSA. Congratulations to all new office bearers.

04.11.2016: AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA joint election campaign meeting took place today at about 4.30pm in the conference hall of GMTD office, Dhenkanal. CS, CP of both the associations spoke on the occasion and appealed all executives to remain united for the betterment of BSNL and vote for AIBSNLEA. New district body is also constituted wherein Sri L.N. Mohapatra, DGM(T), Sri Nath, CAO are elected as DP & DS respectively and Sri K. Mahanta, DGM(F) as vice pres of DKL SSA. Congratulations to all.

01.11.2016: It has been decided to conduct election campaign meetings in DKL/SBP/RKL SSAs wef 4th Nov to 6th Nov. A team comprising CS,CP & DP-BBSR of AIBSNLEA and CS & CP of AIGETOA- Odisha Circle will tour to DKL on 4th Nov, Sambalpur on 5th Nov and finally to Rourkela on 6th Nov in the 1st phase of joint campaign meeting. All the concerned DS/DP & office bearers are requested to organise the meeting in a befitting manner to procure the confidence of all executives.

18.10.2016: Finally  the  administration today issued temporary transfer order of the Circle Secretary Sri B.D. Mishra from Puri to Bhubaneswar. It will inspire all comrades in the ensuing referrendum process.

16.08.2016:   Our sincere efforts yielded result. BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding promotions and posting of Sri Basanta Kumar Sahoo, AGM to the grade of DGM in the Pay Scale of Rs. 32900 - 58000, purely on temporary and adhoc basis.  <<<<Click here for the order>>>>  Congratulations to the officer and to the GS for his support & pursuance!

10.08.2016:   Service With A Smile (SWAS) program in Odisha Circle:

The CGM administered the oath to all the employees of BSNL Bhawan at 10.15Am. After a brief speech by CGM all employees including CGM, Sr GM(HR), GM(EB), GM(CFA) etc. took a rally daring the rain and reached Master canteen and then reached Ram Mandir Square and came back to BSNL Bhawan. The Sr GMTD, BBSR also took another rally from DSB to Ram Mandir and back. Our CS, CP and Advisor (E) along with all other Office Bearers of AIBSNLEA actively participated in the rally holding banners of BSNL Products and services.


03.08.2016: Odisha Circle united forum of Unions and Associations conducted lunch hour demonstration against the reported move of the NITI Aayog for making strategic sale in BSNL/MTNL. Alarge number of Executives and Non-Executives participated in the demonstration in front of BSNL Bhawan Bhubaneswar. Comrade CS Sri BD Mishra and Advisor (East) Sri S K Jena addressed the gathering.

02.07.2016:  Odisha Circle registered a net profit of Rs42.68 Crores as per the provisional audit report. Our Circle has never been a loss making Circle. Congrats to all Executives & Staff of Odisha Circle for contributing to this success story for consecutive years.  

22.06.2016:  The Circle Office Bearers meeting along with BBSR District Office bearers meeting took place today afternoon to discuss membership verification issue. The AIGETOA also participated in the meeting. It has been decided to increase our membership base by reaching out to all executives with our good deeds.

18.06.2016: Glimpses of 5th AIC at Mysuru: Participation by Odisha delegates.

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17.06.2016:  Delegate Session started in a grand manner in the Senate Hall after unfurling of AIBSNLEA Flag. In the afternoon, a grand procession of all delegates with colourful perfomances by folk artists started from Maruti temple to University of Mysuru before the commencement of Joint Open Session. The CMD, Dir(CFA), and our beloved GS, CHQ Presidents of both the Assn were taken on a chariot.

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16.06.2016:    Com CS Sri BD mIshra, Com President Sri SC Pradhan, CWC Member Sri KC Jena and Com AGS(C/E/A/TF), CHQ Sri SK Jena, attended the pre AIC cum CWC meeting in the Senate Hall of University of Mysuru and participated in the discussion effectively.

15.06.2016:   All the delegates reached at Mysuru and stayed in the BSNL IQ at Najarabad, near the Palace of Mysuru. SK Jena, AGS(C/E/A/TF) attended the CHQ Office bearers' meeting at night.

 14.06.2016:   CS, CP, AGS, CWC members and delegates today leave BBSR for Mysuru to attend the 5th AIC at Bengaluru.

 07.06.2016: CiCCircle Office Bearers meeting took place today to decide the resolutions to be place before the 5th AIC at Bengalurue.After thorough discussions 12 resolutions are adopted.

 27.05.2016:  Congratulations ! United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA deferred the ongoing organizational program <<<<Click here for letter of deferment>>>>  

27.05.2016:    United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA extends  sincere thanks for making the Hunger Fast 100 % successful  on 3rd day also. S K Jena, AGS(C/E/Ar/TF) participated in the hunger fast at Corp Office New Delhi.

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26.05.2016: United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA extends  sincere thanks for making the Hunger Fast 100 % successful  on 2nd day also.

 25.05.2016: United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA of Odisha circle extends & records sincere thanks for making the Hunger Fast 100 % successful through out the state on 1st day.

04/05/2016 :

"Massive Lunch Hour Demonstration by United Forum of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA at Circle Office BBSR on 3rd May"

04/05/2016 :

CEC of AIBSNLEA Odisha was held on 01.05.2016 in the conference hall, Door Sanchar Bhawan Bhubaneswar. Almost all the Circle executives and District/ Branch office bearers, senior members had attended the meeting. Comrade S.K.Jena, AGS CHQ had graced the ocassion. The CEC started with the association flag hoisting sharp at 09.30 a.m. Comrade Subash samal, District Secretary of Bhubaneswar district-the host SSA had welcomed the office bearers and the delegates followed by the address by the Circle president Com. Sarat Chandra Pradhan. District secretaries from all over the state had their reports and tabled resolutions. Circle Secretary Com. B.D.Mishra in his report gave a brief account of activities on organizational matters, cadre and individual issues. Threadbare discussions were held on the pending HR issues.

Comrade AGS S.Jena addressed the gathering before the Circle finance secretary presented the finance report. A joint session of comrades of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA was held wherein CGMT, Odisha Circle Sri S.N.Nayak and Sr. GM (HR) Sri Narendra Kumar were the guests. Both the respected guests addressed the gathering addressing to Several service related issues on viability of BSNL. 

In the post lunch session, the meeting continued till 4.30 PM discussing the issues on District/ branch issues, AIC, souvenir and other matters. The conference ended with a second round coordination meeting with the office bearers of AIGETOA discussing organizational issues and matters with common interest.

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27.04.2016: CHQ served notice for organisational actions as detailed below. Get ready to make it a success,

Organizational actions and schedule:

 “Lunch/Closing Hour Demonstrations” at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 3rd May 2016.
 One Day Dharna at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 12th May 2016.
 Three days “Hunger Fast” at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 25th , 26th and 27th May 2016 (10:00 Hours   to 18:00 Hours).
 “Work According to Rules” with effect from 25th May 2016 (10:00 Hours) till the settlement of demands.
 1st June 2016 onwards – “Delhi Chalo” for Indefinite Dharna at BSNL CO. The executives throughout the country will gather at BSNL CO, New Delhi till withdrawal of the MT Notification and settlement of various HR issues. During this period, there will be complete non-cooperation with management.


Immediate implementation of the decisions taken in the meeting held on 14.12.2015 issued vide minutes of the meeting through letter no. BSNL/7-3/SR/2015 dated 14.12.2015 i.e.

1.Immediate implementation of the recommendation of the committee headed by Sh. M. A. Khan, ED (NB) on standard E2 & E3 scales for JTO & SDE Equivalent executives and CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in BSNL, scrapping of the MT, DGM RRs altogether.
2.Extending 30% Superannuation benefit to the BSNL recruited employees.
3.Resolution of various other long pending HR issues like taking urgent necessary action for:
a. Immediate conduction of various CPCs in all the disciplines to fill up the vacant group-A and Group B equivalent posts in a time bound manner, notional pay fixation of all upgraded pay-scales w.e.f. 01.10.2000, one time relaxation to Steno Grade-III for their promotion to PA cadre, settlement of Pay Anomaly cases where junior executives are drawing more pay than senior executives, special recruitment drive for hard tenure/shortfall circles, FR 22(I)a(i) pay fixation to officiating JTOs, restructuring of AD (OL) cadres, finalization of new SDE RR 2014 in line with association suggestions.
b. declaration of LDCE results, Settlement of Rule-8 transfer cases, Pay loss to JTOs/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 and fixation of pay in respect of departmental outsider (TTA) appointed as JTOs, extension of E1+ 5 advance increment benefit to JTO (SRD)/JAO 2013 batch and PA Cadre and other long pending HR issues submitted earlier

All the Circle office bearers/Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure successful implementation of the above agitation programs by conducting Executive Body/General Body meetings, Press Conferences, Posters etc.
<<<<Click here for the notice served by United Forum>>>


27.04.2016: It has been decided to hold 1st CEC of this term on 1st May in  the Seminar Hall of DSB, BBSR. The meeting will start by unfurling our flag at 9.30am and will conclude in the afternoon. All Circle Office bearers, DS & DP are requested to attend the CEC with full preparation.

They should bring their reports with details of their membership, quotas paid, date of formation of the district bodies and proposal for holding district conference, organisational activities and resolutions to be adopted in the CEC for AIC.

All are also requested to bring advertisements for the AIC.

Accomodations have been arranged for outside delegates. They can contact the ACS(Engg) Sri R.C. Khandai for this purpose. All are requested to reach 30 minutes before to take breakfast and then participate in the meeting.


31.03.2016:  DE to DGM Promotion orders are issued: <<<<Click here for Promotion Orders>>>>

Congratulations! AIBSNLEA's consistent and untiring efforts yielded result in getting released 445 DGM promotion orders today. During this month 213+445=658 DGM Promotion orders have been issued against 800 vacant DGM Posts.

AIBSNLEA Odisha Circle feels happy to congratulate Sri BD Patra, Sri S. Pradhan, Sri KC Mishra, Sri LN Mohapatra, Sri RK Panda, Sri JN Senapati, Sri A.Durgeshu, Sri LD Panigrahi, Sri Sri MD Maharana, Sri BC Panda, Sri NK Sahu & Sri AK Patra etc.and extends its best wishes to all.

Special congratulations to our beloved General Secretary Sri Prahlad Rai on being promoted to the grade of DGM and for arranging everybody's posting in choice circles or with least disturbance. 





Happy HOLI .

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Annual General Body Meting of AIBSNLEA- Bhubaneswar Branch was held on 20.03.2016 in the RTTC seminar hall. The meeting started with the flag hoisting by Comrade Sri Sarat Chandra Pradhan, the Branch Secretary in the presence of the Circle Secretary Comrade Benudhar Mishra, Circle Secretary AIGETOA Comrade Parida, Circle Vice president Comrade Benudhar Patra, CWC member and Ex Circle Secretary Comrade R.K.Panda, Ex Circle president Comrade Kashinath Sahoo and enthusiastic members of the district in large numbers.

The president Comrade J.K.Majhi welcomed the members, the Circle dignitaries and the members and dignitaries from the sister organization AIGETOA.
The Branch secretary’s report and replies to the queries was read out by the Branch Secretary Comrade Sarat Chandra Pradhan.

The Circle Secretary, AIGETOA comrade Parida emphasized the need of “AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA working jointly” in a more organized way. Replying to queries on the issues of standard pay scales and implementation of CPSU hierarchy, CS AIGETOA expressed his concerns on the delay in getting these issues resolved.

CWC member and Ex Circle Secretary Comrade R.K.Panda gave a brief account of the activities taken up by the association in resolving the individual and cadre. He appreciated the active involvement of the members of Bhubaneswar branch in organizing all important events. He urged the members to work hard to retain the Circle performances as a profit making one.

Circle Secretary, in his address thanked all the office bearers and members of the association for extending their support to the Circle body. He cautioned the members not to be complacent as the Circle is making profit. He urged the members to rather to prepare themselves for a very tough time likely to come from the private operators in data business. CS gave a brief account of the cadre and business/ service related issues taken up by the association with the management and the CHQ.

Comrade Bhaskar Singha and Comrade Subash Samal were elected as the new District president and secretary respectively. Sri Narahari Das DGM and Sri Nityananda sahu, CAO were nominated as the advisor and auditor respectively.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks from the veteran Comrade Chaitanya Sahu, CAO.

List of new office bearers.

1 Sri Bhaskar Singh CAO District President.
2 Sri C. Muduli PS Vice Present
3 Sri S.C.Samal AGM District secretary
4 Sri R.S.Suar PS Asst. Br. Secy-1
5 Smt. Gitarani Chowdhury, SDE Asst. Br. Secy-2
6 Sri L.N. Swain SDE (Civil) Asst. Br. Secy-2
7 Sri Arup Pradhan JAO Fin. Secy
8 Sri P.K. Behera P.A Asst Fin Secy
9 Sri R.K. Sahu, AGM Organising Secy-1
10 Sri K.K.Moharana, JAO Organising Secy-2
11 Sri S.K.Das, PS Organising Secy-3

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10/03/2016: District conference of Balasore took place yesterday i.e on 9th March afternoon at Balasore. CS, President & CWC member-1 attended the conference. Congratulations to the new Body.


CS writes to the GS (Click for the letter) for expansion/ commissioning of new services by BSNL.

02/03/2016: Congratulations! Long awaited DE to DGM Promotion orders issued: AIBSNLEA's consistent and untiring efforts yielded result in getting released 213 DGM promotion orders in Telecom Engineering wing. About 900 vacant DGM posts are available to fill up these DGM posts immediately action will be taken to expedite CPC. APARs and VCRs of the eligible DEs have been called by BSNL Corporate Office. All the Circle /Branch secretaries are requested to ensure dispatch of ACRs/VCRs immediately to BSNL Corporate Office, so that promotion order to fill up about 900 DGM posts can be issued by 31st March, 2016 as per assurance given by CMD BSNL.

We are extremely thankful to CMD, BSNL, Director(HR), PGM(SR), GM(Pers.) Jt. GM(Pers.) DGM(Pers.), Sr. GM(Legal) and all concern officers in Pers. Cell of BSNL Corporate Office for issuing the promotion order.  

Odisha Circle extends its heartiest thanks to our beloved GS for his constant pursuation with the management. Congratulations to Sri Nirakar Behera & Sri M. Hansda on being promoted to the grade of DGM.

<<<Click here for order>>>>


29.02.2016 : The District Conference of Berhampur SSA was held on 28/02/2016 in the conference hall of GMTD, Berhampur. Sri B.D. Mishra, CS, Sri S.K. Jena, AGS, CHQ, Sri B.D. Patra, Vice President, Sri R.K. Panda, CWC Member & Sri Bhaskar Singh attended the conference from Circle side.

Before start of the meeting, the Circle team along with branch office bearers visited the house of (Late) Anil Kumar our ex branch Secretary. We expressed our deepest condolence to his family and assured to extend all kinds of help as & when required. As a goodwill gesture and as a token of our love towards the departed soul we handed over the cheque to his wife. Thanks to all accounts comrades who have contributed to this noble cause.

The meeting started with the welcome address by Sri Lambodar Hota, AO and presided over by Sri Nirakar Behera, Branch President. All the comrades participated actively in the discusion and ventilated their grievancies as well.

The AGS, CHQ appealed all the comrades to procure the confidence of our valued customers by providing quality service and timely delivery of service. In a bid to take the benefits of 3rd PRC we have to work hard in every sector may it be LL, BB, Mobile. He briefed the house about the callous & indifferent attitude of Pers & Estt sections of Corporate office in respect of many unresolved HR issues and urged everybody to exhibit their strength in the next agitational program in the month of March.

The VP assured that all genuine grievancies raised by the comrades will be well taken up with the competent authorities. He also highlighted some of the facts regarding promotion from DE to DGM. He thanked the branch for inviting the circle body and for nice arrangements.

The CWC member also spoke on the issue of transfer of some of our comrades, forwarding the APARs of DEs for promotion to DGM, soft tenure transfer cases etc. He appealed everybody to remain united and maintain cordial & freindly atmosphere among us.

The CS, in his 1st address to a branch conference,  spoke on all the issues raised by the comrades and highlighted the current HR & technical issues of Circle which were taken up with the CGMT. He emphasized on data services and suggested the branch to take up the issue of commissioning of FTTH services in Berhampur SSA without further delay. He appealed everybody to work for the organisation and to make it number one.

At the last new body was formed. Sri A. Durgeshu, AGM, Sri Lamodar Hota, AO and Sri M. Sudhakar, AO were selected unanimously to the post of (Branch) President, Secretary & Financial Secy respectively. 

Vote of thanks was given by the outgoing Vice president.

All enjoyed a superb lunch and  good hospitality.


26.02.2016:- The district conference of Berhampur is scheduled on 28/02/2016. The CS, VP, AGS(C/E/A/TF) and Sri Bhaskar Singh are supposed to attend the conference from Circle side. All members of Berhampur are requested to attend and make it a big success.

26.02.2016 - Letter to CGMT

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26.02.2016 - Today, the CS, President, Vice-President, ACS (Engg), AGS (C/E/A/TF) met the CGMT to discuss the following:

  1. Soft tenure transfers for all executives who have completed their tenures.
  2. Request to reduce rural tariff to arrest surrender of land line after enhancement of tariff.
  3. Provisioning of un- interrupted diesel supply to all BTSs.
  4. Posting of staff in ETR from Circle.
  5. Provisioning of GPON OLN for all major cities of Odisha.
  6. Deployment of dedicated RF team in Circle to ensure better network services.
  7. Request for transfer of the CS from Puri to Bhubaneswar.

The meeting was very much cordial and the CGMT appreciated all our concern and assured to take necessary action in time. He also appealed to work in a positive mind set so as to improve the service so that our relevance in the market will remain forceful.

The letter addressed to the CGMT follows.


AIBSNLEA Odisha Circle office bearess met the CGM, GM(HR&Admn), Sr CE(Elect), Circle IFA and many other senior officers and greeted them a very Happy New Year 2016.


Happy New Year 2016 to all our members of aibsnlea Odisha.


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Christmas wishes to all our members.



AIBSNLEA extends its deepest condolence to the bereaved family of Sri Anil Kumar, our beloved Branch Secretary of Berhampur SSA for his untimely demise while enjoying in a picnic party today. We pray God to lead his soul to immortality. He was young and active in his assignments, both in office and association works. It is an irrepairable loss to our organisation. We stand by the side of his family and hope that they will gather courage to withstand the loss.

 06.10.2015 :

The 1st Circle office bearers meeting was held on 3rd OCTOBER 2015 at 6:00 PM at DSB, Sahidnagar, BBSR I.Q. premises. Sri S.K. Jena, AGS was also present .Com. Sri S.C. Pradhan, President & Com. Sri B.D.Mishra, Circle Secretary welcomed all the newly elected circle office bearers. Following resolutions adopted in the meeting:-

  1. Membership drive: All D.Ss are requested to take initiative for converting un-paid members to Paid members by subscribing monthly quota through ERP . A Committee comprising of President, Ex.Circle Secy.-Cum-CWC member & Financial Secy. is formed to look into the matter & prepare the DATA BASE.
  2. Circle office bearers’ meeting to be held once in every month till Dec’2015 & thereafter the periodicity of the meeting will be reviewed.
  3. Revival of BSNL: All members appreciated the concern “Grow the organization to grow yourself”. Various deficiencies of the administration i.e. Slow decision making process, Lack of forecasting of demand or any other situation, gap in procurement & requisitions, indifferent attitude towards customers, delay in FTTH services, non-deployment of proper man-power in proper posts etc., which are root cause of BSNL loss are discussed in detail & it has been decided to invite suggestions from all the members for revival of BSNL. All innovative ideas for improving our service & enhancing customer’s delight and simultaneously measures to plug the loopholes if revenue loss will be placed before the administration for implementation. It need arises & in this regard a SEMINAR can also be arranged.

At last the meeting was ended with vote of thanks by Sri C.Pujari, ACS (Elect)

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                     B.D. Mishra                      
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