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23.09.2015 : The notification for Circle Conference on 26th and 27th September 2015 is issued. The venue is Seminar hall of RTTC Bhubaneswar and HOTEL KESHARI BHUBANESWAR. CEC members,Branch Secretaries, Delegates and Members are requested to reach on time as per agenda . Out of station members are requested to contact branch secy Bhubaneswar Mr. Sarat Pradhan for accomodation. click for notice and Agenda.

13.09.14:Circle Secy,President and Fin.secy Bhubaneswar Com. Choudhury met Sri G C Bidica Adl. GM(ETP) and dicussed regarding the recovery of pay of some JAOs due to the pressure of DGM(Fin) ETP. CS also discussed with DGM(Fin) ETP Kolkata and protest the stand taken for recovery of pay. DGM(Fin) assured to stop the recovery for time being.

13.09.2014: Circle Secy, President and CWC Member attended CWC at Hyderabad.

11.09.2014 : Due to the Software problem the Website could not be updated regularly.

15.07.2014:Meeting Will Be held at Doorsanchar Bhawan IQ , Unit-9 on 15th July`2014(Tuesday) at 5.30pmNOTICE

12.07.2014: All District Secretaries must update their membership register & keep maintaining in hard copy . Also soft copy of Membership Register may be sent to Circle Secretary through e-mail before 25.07.2014 on the basis of paid membership. 

All are requested to gear up actively to increase the membership by adopting suitable activities at SSA level as membership verification likely to be held in DECEMBER-2014.Subscription up to JULY -2014 - as decided in CWC meeting may be collected from members immediately and deposit CHQ QUOTA & CIRCLE QUOTA to Finance Secretary before 15.07.2014, so that the same can be remitted to CHQ during the CWC meeting to be held on 21.08.2014 to 23.08.2014 at Hyderabad.

05.07.2014: CS along with AGS CHQ Sh. S K Jena met CE(Electrical) discussed regarding the irregularities of Sambalpur electrical division. SE(Electrical) also present in the meeting. Both SE & CE realize the problems and assured it will not be repeated in future and action will be taken against the erring officers. Tenure transfer case of SDE/JTO of Koraput & Bolangir discussed in the meeting CE(Elec.) assured to look into it positively.

25.06.2014: CS along with President met CGMT Odisha and discussed regarding regular posting of Circle IFA. CGM assured he will take up the case with ED(Finance). We also requested to expedite the looking arrangement of CAO & AO. Transfer case of Sh. P K Das, SDE Koraput discussed in the meeting, CGM mention that he will look into it.

05.04.2014: CGMT Odisha has congratulated all the staff of Odisha BSNL for their whole hearted service to the Dept so that Odisha BSNL has achieved 4% growth of profit during last financial year. Let us pledge to keep in the same line of growth.

01.04.2014: CMD BSNL is on official tour to Odisha for last 2 days. AIBSNLEA was offered with a meet in his camp office at Hotel Mayfair lagoon. circle President Com. K. N. Sahoo, Circle Secy Com. R. K. Panda met him with a flower bookey. CMD BSNL first congratulated all the executives for their endeavour for making the Odisha circle a profit making one. He assured that all issues for Odisha executives will be well looked into. A memorandum that was prepared in consultation with the Gen secy was submitted to him. He gave a through read and discussed. Importance was given in 147case, 270 case and 206case. He pointed out that a number of courte cases are forcing BSNL not to implement some genuine demands of AIBSNLEA. But CS mentioned that there was ample scope for the BSNL management to implement the courte judgement in right time. He assured that during coming promotions 147 beneficieries will not be considered till courte gives final judgements. It was a very fruitful discussion. Memorandum. Photo-1 , Photo-2 , Photo-3 , Photo-4 , Photo-5.

23.03.2014: The CEC at Bhubaneswar started with the flag hoisting by com. K. N. Sahoo-the circle President in presence of the Org secy (E) com. B. Bhattacharjee, C.S. Com. R. K. Panda. and other branch secy, President and delegates. Then the welcome address was given by com. S. C. Pradhan, branch secy of Bhubaneswar branch. It got followed by the inagural speech by the circle President. In his speech he highlighted on the important role of our AIBSNLEA in solving the cadre issues effectively. Then branch secys read out their reports, their issues during last six months etc. All those got summed up by the CS and President. Then CS read out his report which got approved by applause. Then the report of Fin secy was submitted to the house and it got passed with few clarifications. Then the Ex-CS Com. B. D. Nath addressed the house with all motivations and role of br secy and circle office bearers. Then com S. K. Jena, AGS addressed the housewith the role of CHQ on important issues. The vital moment came when com. B. Bhattacharjee addressed the house with all the datas for membership enhancement. The vote of thanks was given by com. K. C. Jena, ACS. During resolution hour all the members participated to take few important resolutions. CS Report. Photo-1 , Photo-2, Photo-3, Photo-4, Photo-5, Photo-6, Photo-7, Photo-8, Photo-9, Photo-10, Photo-11, Photo-12, Photo-13, Photo-14, Photo-15, Photo-16, Photo-17, Photo-18.

22.03.2014: The special CL sanction order of CGMT Odisha for all the participants is given here with. All the participants are requested to apply for the special CL with a declaration that he is holding the post of --- that entitles for the said leave to attend the CEC meet. Order.

12.03.2014: 2 of our old comrades Mr. Amir K Patra and Com. C. C. Panda both AGM were on NE posting and after their return it was very difficult to give them their 1st place of choice because of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack being packed. However after muct persuation with all the authorities they could be accomodated in Bhubaneswar. It is our all time endeover to satisfy all our members. though there was less hope of accomodating them, it could happen because of good response from the Admn. I thank the CGMT Odisha, GM HR for their goodness.

07.03.2014: The Notice for the 1st CEC of the circle is issued to all concerned. The CEC will be held on date 23.3.2014 (Sun day) in the Seminar hall of the RTTC. the programme will start at 9AM. as usual. All the Branch Presidents, Branch secretaries, CEC members, Circle Office bearers are requested to attend without fail. All the branch secretaries must bring their present membership list (cadre wise), the written report of the branch from October-2013 to 20th March-2014. The circle and CHQ quota must be paid upto March-14. The diary bill payment should have been cleared before coming to the CEC. The previeleges of attendence will be hard to be sanctioned if any branch fails to comply as above. The office bearers from out stations are requested to contact the CS for accomodation if they wish. NOTICE

06.03.2014: 5th Dist. Conference of AIBSNLEA, Rourkela Branch . Photo-1, Photo-2, Photo-3, Photo-4.

The Dist. Conference of Rourkela Branch was held at the conference hall of Door Sanchar Bhawan, Rourkela on 5th March-2014 (Sun day). The conference started at 5.30 PM  in presence of Com. R.K.Panda (Circle Secretary), Com.B.D.Nath (Ex-Circle Secretary) Com. R.C.Khandai, Dist President and Com. A.K.Ray (Dist. Secretary).
     The conference hall was totally full with all the members of AIBSNLEA of the branch. The Dist. President Com. R. C. Khadai welcomed the gathering and graced the CS and Ex-CS with flower bookey. Dist. Secy com. A. K. Ray read out the report of his tenure, it was discussed by the members and got passed after few clarifications. Dist. Fin Secy Com. A. K. Nayak submitted the audited report of accounts of the branch for the last tenure and it got passed. Com. B.D.Nath, Ex-Circle Secy addressed the house with encouraging importance of the Association, its key role in BSNL management etc. The Circle Secretary addressed the GB with all the prevailing issues of the Association at circle level and CHQ level. Then members put forth few questions which were replied by the dias. There were discussions on organizational matters and issues pending at circle and national level. The following resolutions were also taken.

  1. Allotment of IQ by fair and transparent means.
  2. Allotment of additional vehicle for Trans maintenance.
  3. To expedite TA bill payments of ETR staff. 
                Thereafter the current body was dissolved by the President. Com. A. Bilung, AGM was nominated as the Election Officer. The GB  unanimously elected the the following team as the new office-bearers of the District Branch for the next tenure:-
                                           COM. S.P.SINGH, SDE
       COM. N.K.SINHA
      2. COM. J.B.SAHOO.AO(CASH)
      3. COM MRS M.R.BOSE
               Com. R. K. Panda (Circle Secretary) administered the Oath of allegiance to the newly elected office-bearers.  The conference concluded at 9.00 PM with a dinner in which invitees from Administration and sister unions were present. It was a very successful celebration.  

28.2.14: A massive demonstration was held today infront of the CGM office by all the office bearers of all the Unions and Associations. Sky rise slogans were raised demanding settlement of all issues before merging MTNL in BSNL. All the CSs Presidents delivered the present status of the BSNL and MTNL. Photo , Photo_2

27.02.2014: As per the call given by the CHQ-United Forrum of all Unions and Associations, all the members are requested to organise launch hour demonstration in coordinations with the members of all the unions and Associations of the branches of the SSA HQ demanding settlement of all HR, Pension and disinvestment issues of MTNL before merging in BSNL. It will be a great financial havoc over BSNL as it has just started making positive growth towards profit. If MTNL be merged at this juncture without settling the HR, Pension fitments, revoking disinvestments; BSNL will sink slowly. Organisers, Office bearers are requested to organise seriously. You may send the on-the-spot notes with photographs so that it can be uploaded in the websites. CS.

14.02.2014: A circle office bearers' meet is held today at 1730hrs in GMTD bldg, Bhubaneswar. Almost all the office bearers were present. The following important resolutions were taken. 1. The 1st CEC will be held at Bhubaneswar on 23rd March. Informal notification will be issued after reserving the venue. 2. The decision taken by the GS for the agitational call is supported.

02.02.2014: Biennial branch conference of Bhubaneswar branch is held today in the seminarhall of the RTTC Bhubaneswar. Circle secy com. R. K. Panda, CHQ member com. Bhaskar Singh and Ex-CS Com. B. D. Nath attended the conference on invitation. Branch president com. Chaitan Sahu opened the session after welcoming all. Brach secy com. K. N. Sahu placed the secretarial report which got passed with applause. Finance secy report was also passed with little discussion and clarifications. Ex-CS addressed the house with the motivated speech. CS placed prfesent scenerio of the Association and the BSNL. The house was fully packed with members. The old body is dissolved by the President, new set of office bearers were elected unanimously and oath taking is carried out. Photo_1 , P_2 , P_3 , P_4 , P_5 , P_6 , P_7. Com. J K Majhi AGM and Com. S. C. Pradhan AO were elected as President and branch Secretary respectively for the next session.

23.01.14:: Congratulation, after a long persuation the posting order of TTA promoted JTOs are out. Most of the request cases have been taken into account by our persuation. Pending transfer orders are also taken care of including that of Mr. Mahadev Sahu from Koraput. Order.

22.01.2014:: Circle Secy along with Mr. Santap Jena (ACS) took up meeting with the CGMT Odisha and discussed on:: (1) Taking up of departmental civil works from other Govt organisations to utilise BSNL Civil & Arch wing and its staff so that BSNL-Odisha can enhance its earnings. There are sufficient scopes as reconstr- uction works of Govt of India are in offing in the aftermath of "Filin". CGMT appreciated and assured to constitute a cell for the purpose. (2) Closing up of USO towers where no service providers have utilised and keep the Assets on safe custody so that the present expenditure of about 1 Lakh can be reduced.

03.01.2014: Congratulation, after a long persuation with the ETR Admn the transfering back of Mr. B. D. Patra from Bhawanipatna to Bhubaneswar was finally achieved. It is as good as a win over evils. Order.

02.01.2014: Circle President, Circle Secy along with the ACS-Fin com H K Dash and ACS-IV com. K. C. Jena , ACS(E)- com. B. D. Patra took up New Years greeting-meet with the CGM Odisha, all the GMTDs at Bhubaneswar and DGM- ETR and ETP on New year day. The meetings were very cordial and meaningfull.